About us

EasyStatics it’s a english version of website about building physics with a guides, examples, projects and help for students. The first version had a start about a year 2012 in Poland as Statyka.info. Until now Poland version has about 20,000 users every month and it’s a most popular website about statics, dynamics and mechanics.

Now we want to offer to help for students in the English-speaking countries, that’s why we translated our materials and now they are available on the EasyStatics. Currently are only three sets of guides it means: statics – basics info, strength of materials and construction mechanics , but we have plans yet guids about steel structures, concrete constructions and database of exemplary projects.

We will also create a forum, where students will be able to seek help, exchange materials or spend a time with others.
We have hope, that materials on the EasyStatics help you and all exams will be passed.


Administration EasyStatics.com