Introduction to the construction mechanics

Arriving at the Construction Mechanics stage, you probably already have some heavy sessions behind you, I hope that the materials from my website have made life easier during these sessions to some extent. I do not want to discourage anyone, but it will certainly not be easier now. Beginning to learn Structural Mechanics, the previous sections must be in a small finger, and in particular:

  1.  All General Mechanics
  2.  Drawing internal forces from memory

These are the basic things in the Construction Mechanics. Ignorance of the above themes, not so much as hindering, but completely prevents the understanding of the mechanisms operating in the calculation of various types of structures. In the first sections, we will still deal with two-dimensional constructions, but in the next will come spatial (3D) constructions, in which we will also have to feel how force acts on a given structural element, for example to draw a graph of internal forces.

Now when discussing a topic, I will not accurately describe how I calculated the value of support reactions or I drew a graph of cutting forces, because the time was in previous departments. Now such things will appear immediately on the schematic, because I assume you know where it comes from.

In this section we will deal with such concepts as:

  •  Movable load
  • Displacements
  • Statically indeterminate systems
  • Spatial constructions

These are not very difficult issues, but without hard work and arduous sitting over the next examples, you will be hard to get through all the exams and colloquia at the university.

At the end, I wish everyone luck and a lot of perseverance in learning.