Introduction to the strength of materials

Welcome to guide Strength of Materials!

Strength of materials is one of the basic subjects in engineering studies. The entire guide consists of the following topics.

  • Internal forces – this part of the guide is described in a separate subdivision of material strength.
    This is caused by a large amount of material:
  1. Internal forces – basics
  2. Graphs of internal forces – basics
  3. Internal forces in beams
  4. Internal forces in frame
  5. Internal forces in trusses
  6. Internal forces in arches
  7. Basic graphs of internal forces
  8. Drawing graphs of internal forces from memory
  • Eccentric force effect
  • Calculate of the cross-section area
  • Free twisting of round bars
  • Stress reduced according to the Huber hypothesis – M – H

In order to learn how to calculate things contained in the strength of materials, one should very well understand the basics of structural engineering, which are described in the General Mechanics guide. I hope you will find all the information you need to complete this course.
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